IT Support for New Age

Today’s portable and flexible workplace is complex, interrelated and growing rapidly. Today customer demand the accessibility of their data at anytime from anywhere and on any device. In the fast-changing world, users are demanding more personalized IT support experience at workplace, which is driven by the IT support experiences of individuals as consumers. This requires IT support companies to develop a new support delivery mechanism where the users have self-service for common issues and interactive service for others. This empowerment has changed the IT support landscape and the companies have taken basic steps to enhance the user experience.

IT support has become more engaged and allowing the users to interact with them as per their preference. Simple and integrated technologies like iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, Facetime etc. have been developed to give users the experience they desire. This had increased the expectation of end user towards technology and support. These users demand similar personalised experience at work in which IT support team should know about them as individual user rather than what IT equipment and application they use to do their job.

The new age IT support should consider following points for providing personalised service

  • User friendly and interactive self-service for common issues
  • Proactive Device Monitoring and logging data.
  • Fixing daily minor issues through automation to avoid big disasters.
  • Previous Information about the end user how they have engaged
  • Data about the current IT estate the individual have to personalised their experience.