Technical Helpdesk

At Leegomery Computers (LC), we believe the Service Desk lies at the heart of delivering the services. It provides the much needed insight to ensure the service improves and evolves, whilst always meeting and exceeding your expectations and those of your users.

Benefits with LC
• LC Certified Engineers available  24×7
Calls are answered by our qualified and well educated engineers 24×7.
• Knowledge and Expertise
Follow ITIL guidelines and ISO 20000 standards. Our staff member are familiar with specific issues certain companies face. This specific knowledge help’s speeding up problem resolution
• Multitask and Prioritise smarter
Our system will classify and prioritise the IT issues, allowing us to handle multiple similar issues at same time. For example, different tickets prioritised on different severity level.
• Customer Satisfaction
Provide single support platform for technical issues which helps assist the IT issues immediately through accessing computer remotely and fixing problems.
• Continuous Improvement
Regular feedbacks from the customers and our commit to the standards help us to improve our services.