Forewarned is Forearmed

IT Support & Managed Services- Taking care of your infrastructure

Our IT support and managed services helps to bridge the gap between the capacity of your IT team and the increasing demand for fast-moving technology. With our guaranteed service level agreements, we ensure you are always online. We help you to create scale up infrastructure on demand through private, public and hybrid clouds. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies converge. Our approach focuses on new ways of combining IT innovation and adoption while also leveraging an organisation’s current IT assets.

IT effectiveness

IT effectiveness is a measure of how well an IT organisation develops the right technology components of solutions for its customers, such that the business supported can operate and grow against its own strategy and plans, work within its own constraints, and behave in its own style and culture. IT effectiveness

Service Offerings

Infrastructure management

  • Consulting Services
  • Cloud service management
  • Network management
  • System management
  • Desktop management
  • Security management

You could say that  we are the One-Stop-Capacity for all your IT Infrastructure needs.

We  offer bespoke  Proactive Monitoring & Remote support service consistently  screens  your environment   huge  economic savings for your business  .

To know of problems before they occur, is always an asset, and we will facilitate this by, monitoring and informing you of any potential problems before they occur enabling you to be able to address your network needs before they become a necessity.

Reducing the cost of an IT engineer travelling to your site can bring great savings to our company, savings that we can then pass on to our customers.

By remotely connecting to your site we can aid the speed at which your company recovers from IT problems, reducing the applicable costs, enabling less downtime for your business therefore increasing productivity, and performance efficiency.

We can offer you an On-Site Support Service that provides you with Qualified and dedicated support staff who will become familiar with your networks, Applications, and Hardware and any little quirks that may be applicable to your business enabling a fast-facilitated Support Method and saving you costs on recruitment, raining, and retention of in-house employees.

We provide dedicated accounts manager for each customer, we make sure your every need is met. We believe building a relationship on a personal level and not just the business relationship. By this way, we ensure our customers have personal touch and confidence to raise any concern immediately. Our relationship means respect, honesty and care.

Print Management

Most of the businesses don’t know how much they spend on print-related costs or how their printers are being used. This makes it very challenging to optimise the print environment and identify opportunities for reducing costs, security compliance and increasing productivity.

Key challenges faced by businesses

  • Unknown cost of printing.
  • Reduced productivity.
  • Unrecovered costs.
  • Security risks.
  • Time-consuming administration.

Our print management service will ensure your print environment will be more cost-efficient, productive and secure.

Optimised print environment-Our complete range of MFPs combined with comprehensive reporting enable the businesses to implement a right-sized printing environment that works more efficiently.

Secure information-Easy user authentication at printers, secure print queues, rule-based printing, and user roles ensure that sensitive documents and information are always protected.

Empowered employees-Users can make full use of printer capabilities with easy-to-use features that make printing, copying, and scanning easier and more convenient – such as pull printing, favourites folders, mobile printing from any location, and more.

Reduced costs-Our print management solution help your organisation eliminate waste of all kinds with better cost accounting, fewer unnecessary print jobs, and more environmental savings.

We provide bespoke level SLA based upon the level of guaranteed required.